Logan Memorial Educational Campus

The project includes a reconfiguration of multiple separate neighborhood public schools into one school system from Preschool thru High School. The design team created a unique brand identity for the school system including a logo, color palette, patterns and illustration style to reflect the school community.


Visual Asylum

Practice Area


DLR/Baker Nowicki, San Diego Unified School District


The Challenge

The biggest challenge for this project was working within the tight contract restrictions for the school district. Specification of materials becomes critical as the signage system has to hold up to the elements including proximity to hundreds of students daily.

Project Vision

The vision of the project was to use the brand identity and signage system to visually tie the entire campus together both internally and externally to the community at large. There is a rich heritage in the neighborhood of large-scale colorful murals. The architects designed into the facade of the buildings thoughtful placement of large art panels, we designed murals that reflect key guiding principles; community, diversity, leadership, compassion, creativity, growth, inspiration, collaboration.

2 art murals, and decorative metal screen design.

Zack Benson

Corner view, 2 of the art murals, decorative metal screen and fence.

Zack Benson

Elementary entry, identity signage, decorative metal fence design.

Zack Benson

Quad banners/decorative perforated metal.

Zack Benson

Design + Execution

Visual Asylum collaborated with architects from DLR/Baker Nowicki to identify signage needs/opportunities throughout the campus. Visual Asylum presented several design directions for review and approval by the architect and ultimately the school district. The team then developed the concept into a final Design Development package which including a site map demonstrating sign types, locations and quantities of all signage elements. The team developed the brand identity concurrent with the signage system plan, once the brand identity was approved by the district we further developed the brand expression and messaging. Visual Asylum then delivered a Construction Document package which included very tight build documents. The team worked closely with MS Signs/Direct Embed Coatings to ensure our CD renderings were almost at a shop drawing level. Much of the signage was fabricated by Direct Embed Coatings.

Parking Directional Signage

MaeLin Levine

LMEC 6’ tall letterforms detail.

MaeLin Levine

LMEC Brand Identity.

Project Details
A comprehensive approach to a school design, this project uses artful placemaking objects to contribute to a student identity that is cohesive, modern, and youthful.
Juror 1
This project is delightful. The patterns, colors and murals are bright, engaging, fun – and connect the school to the community. What a wonderful environment for learning!
Juror 2
Design Team

Visual Asylum


DLR/Baker Nowicki (architecture and planning)
GroundLevel Landscape Architecture (landscape architecture)
Direct Embed Coating (fabrication)

Photo Credits

Zack Benson
MaeLin Levine

Open Date

August 2021