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Project Vision

Morla Design created the total brand identity for Levi’s Original Spin including logo development, store design, consumer brochures and all point-of-purchase collateral. Designed to appeal to a 15-24 year old audience, Levi’s Original Spin is based on the consumer as the creator of their own jeans. Store design and brochure layouts enhance the spirit of individuality with black and white photographs of “personalities” that illustrate the various style options. The customer is encouraged to be their own stylist by “combining these options and creating their own jeans.” The store design system was made flexible, so as to be able to adapt to 300 square feet to 3,000 square feet environments. A modular system was designed to limit in-store time to four days.

Project Details
A dynamic and inspiring in-your-face design, perfectly suited to the merchandise and the customer. Organized and chaotic all at once, this is perfectly resolved.
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