Levi’s Mothership Exhibit


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Foote, Cone and Belding

Project Vision

The primary objective of this trade show exhibit was to position the Levi Strauss brands as leaders of men’s apparel trends. The company’s former exhibit occupied 20,000 square feet in the farthest corner of the exhibit hall and had struggled through twenty years of use. In redesigning its trade show exhibit, the client was aware that a massive “corporate” exhibit would alienate buyers focused on unique, individual style. The solution was a metaphor of exhibit as village. A wide variety of elements was set in a loose visual framework. The conference rooms recall “caves” carved into mountains and the glass walls focused towards the center “piazza.” Clothing is displayed in a few very focused showcases. The 18 feet high towers display clothing above peoples’ heads, allowing the clothing to be the hero.

Project Details
This exhibit exudes energy, movement and change. The images are simple, direct, and memorable, and the architecture of the forms if very good – unusual in this genre.
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Design Team

Mitchell Mauk (Principal in Charge), Adam Brodsley, James Pennington-Kent

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Mauk Design


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