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LEGO House

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Project Vision

In the small Danish town of Billund, the LEGO Group has placed its iconic LEGO® House, where guests can engage in unique LEGO play experiences, learn about the company behind one of the world’s most beloved brands and be inspired by the amazing creativity that exists in LEGO fan communities.

The building consists of 21 white large-scaled LEGO bricks stacked on top of each other. The facade is covered with white ceramic tiles, giving the illusion that the whole building is made of LEGO bricks. Inside, every single physical element was first built from actual LEGO® bricks and then meticulously scaled 18.75 times human scale.

Twelve interconnected interactive experiences have been developed to embody the LEGO “Learning Through Play” philosophy. In Story Lab, the guests enter a creative film production environment where they are invited to create their own LEGO stop motion animation. In the Robo Lab, guests take command of Mindstorms robots and must navigate through an interactive arctic environment to rescue LEGO minifigures. In City Architect, guests are invited to build physical LEGO models and add them to an interactive digital cityscape. In Fish Designer, visitors can build a physical LEGO fish, magically transform it into a digital fish and then watch it come to life in the LEGO House digital fish tank.

A digital layer complements the journey; upon arrival a guest ticket is converted into a customized RFID wristband. As the guests move through the play zones, they come across Capture Stations that are activated by the wristband to assist them in capturing their LEGO House creations and memories. These digital assets will be stored on their personal profile. A supporting app allows guests to relive their experiences back home and to share them with family and friends.

Project Details
Design Team

Søren Hansen Hinge (senior experience designer), Rikke Ranch Høgstrup (senior experience designer), Janni Drejer Laursen (senior creative manager), Stuart Harris (senior experience designer), Mike Ganderton (experience director), Søren Holm (head of experience), Anne Vibeke Vesterberg (project management)

Design Firm

LEGO House

Project Area

129,000 sq ft


Thomas Michel, Kvorning Design & Kommunikation