LAPD Memorial



Practice Area


Los Angeles Police Foundation


Project Vision

Situated on the plaza to the east of the new Los Angeles Police Administration Building, the Memorial for Fallen Officers is a wall of brass and light that marks a transition between the plaza’s formal and informal spaces. From a distance, the 32-ft.-long, 12-ft.-high memorial appears as a solid wall of lit brass. As visitors approach, it becomes evident that the wall is, in fact, a vast assemblage of precision-cut brass plates with custom-drawn letterforms spelling out the names of 202 LAPD officers killed in the line of duty. Seemingly suspended in air and light, this form dynamically honors the LAPD both as a collective whose duty is to protect the public, and as individuals who serve the public. The warm brass material, a reference to officers’ badges, beckons the public to interact with the wall and examine the names of the fallen LAPD officers.

Project Details
Powerful and well thought out use of materials and design that creates an emotional response in viewers.
Juror 1
A beautifully executed living monument to our community’s heroes. 
Juror 2
Design Team

Rob Jernigan (principal in charge); Li Wen, David Herjeczki, Philippe Pare, Richard Hammond (designers); Dominick Ricci (graphic designer); Gary Downer (project architect); Hae Sun Kim (supporting designer)

Design Firm



Light Group Industries (fixtures), Steve Miggas (letterform artist)


A. Zahner Co. (brass wall fabrication), Italian Marble & Tile Co. (granite paving)