Kunsthalle Mannheim


Moniteurs GmbH Communication Design

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Stif­tung Kunst­hal­le Mann­heim


Project Vision

The new Kunsthalle Mannheim is a “museum in motion” committed and rousing, innovative and cosmopolitan. The graphic identity of the museum finds inspiration from the architecture itself and aims to be pure, clear, and direct. When physically entering the building, visitors walk through a transparent metal mesh façade that defines a grid system within the architecture. This grid system was used as the backbone of the wayfinding and orientation systems that were installed. By being fully integrated within the architecture, the visual identity of the museum penetrates the entire building in terms of time and space. The architectural grid is adapted to a unit suitable for the guidance system and serves as the basis for arrangement and order. The wayfinding system blends in with Kunsthalle’s corporate design, thereby supporting the identity of the museum and carrying it to the furthest corner of the building.

Project Details
Design Team

Sibylle Schlaich (creative director, supervisor), Anita Meir-Walter (wayfinding & information designer), Anne von Borries (industrial designer), Jennifer Reidow (graphic designer)

Design Firm

Moniteurs GmbH Communication Design

Project Area

17.366 sqm


Axel Kufus / OH Studio (industrial & interior designer)