Kent State University Academic Athletic Center


Ami Khosravi, Jerad Lavey, Kent State University

Practice Area


Kent State University


Project Vision

The goal of this project was to create an environment that reflects both outstanding athletic and academic achievement. A collage of images represent each athletic program at the university. Complementing these images are action shots of various student athletes participating in each individual sport and a video display. Moving into the study area, viewers are able to follow an abstract time line honoring past Academic All-Americans and their achievements.

The project was printed at the Kent State University Media Center. Due to budget restraints, photography of the collage and installation was done by the designers. The project was entirely designed and produced in an honors design studio class through the collaboration of two graphic design students, who were responsible for the concept, direction, client relationship, design, photography, motion graphics, production, and installation – all on a very limited budget.

Project Details
Energetic yet restrained, this project was a standout, particularly since it was designed, produced, and installed by KSU honors design studio students with virtually no budget for implementation. The project, located in an athletic study hall facility, had two goals: to honor current and former athletes in the KSU Academic All-American program and to recruit other students into the program. College colors are effectively used in the main entryway graphics. Tightly-cropped duotone and grey scale photography abstracts the images, creating a visual energy that draws in the viewer.
Juror 1
Design Firm

Ami Khosravi, Jerad Lavey, Kent State University


David Middleton (instructor), Michael Bruder (KSU architect)


Kent State University Media Center