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The Juilliard School is internationally renowned as a leader in performing arts education. Founded in 1905, The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in dance, drama and music. Located at Lincoln Center in New York City, Juilliard produces the highest caliber of actors, musicians and dancers in the world. Their mission is to provide the tools for gifted students to reach their fullest potential as leaders, artists and global citizens. There are more than 800 artists enrolled at Juilliard, where they appear in over 700 annual performances in the school’s five theaters.

Juilliard’s multidisciplinary curriculum and multiple performance venues pose an opportunity to create a utilitarian identity system that can unify the Juilliard school divisions and communicate through different applications. Juilliard cultivates a supportive environment for students; collaboration between faculty and classmates is at the core of its curriculum.

The custom Juilliard logotype logo consists of modular forms that have an inherent dynamism. These forms can be applied as a tool to communicate in a number of ways.

The performance calendar, for example, utilizes the rectilinear forms from the logotype to hold content and organize information for digital and print-based uses. The business card is activated on both sides by taking advantage of the logo form and its modularity, expanding from space to space. Also, the logo forms are used for the environmental application as a welcoming visual component for students and faculty as they enter and leave the school’s beautifully designed building by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, FXFOWLE.

The expansion and retraction of graphic forms utilizes compositional arrangements to emphasize spatial cognizance similar to music scores and dance labanotations. The composition of graphic elements defines the area in which it performs like the demarcation between spectator and performer in terms of space. The proposed Juilliard brand identity serves as a communication tool to help students provide clarity to the daily rigors of school life to better adapt to changing environments.

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