JLL Denver

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Project Vision

JLL engaged us to incorporate their brand identity and add compelling visual elements to their renovated Denver location in 2018. In the highly competitive world of commercial real estate, JLL understood the importance of personalizing its space to engage its local workforce and create an emotional connection to the JLL brand through the physical space.

Our scope included design, fabrication and installation of graphics and the creation of dimensional elements for nine meeting rooms, a timeline wall, and employee recognition wall and an engagement wall. Our challenge was to both localize the feel of the office as well as reinforce a sense of continuity with the broader JLL brand.

Meeting room themes were chosen based on Colorado-centric activities to reflect the unique environment employees enjoyed outside of the office. In addition to featuring dimensional components that add visual interest, importantly, each of these themed rooms also incorporated a pop of the JLL brand red to subtly reinforce brand identity.

In one meeting room, for example, we used a rock-climbing theme, executed with a large printed graphic depicting a life-sized climber and an actual red climbing rope affixed to the wall with carabiners. Real climbing holds are peppered across the room’s far left wall. In another application, a golfer is depicted hitting a ball over a monitor. The golfer is made entirely from JLL-red golf tees that are punched into the wall. In both instances, achieving the correct scale between two-dimensional, flat graphics and real equipment proved to be the biggest challenge, but the increased visual engagement achieved was more than worth the effort.

This mix of graphic and dimensional elements is carried throughout our work in the space. One of the most prominent features is the timeline wall, located directly across from the main conference room, which was designed with an Aspen theme. Because this space is in a primary visitor- and client-facing area, the element needed to serve as both an artistic brand expression as well as an informational feature. We employed a black-and-white graphic of aspen trunks as the backdrop, along with cross sections of trees of varying width overlaid in an artistic composition to add an organic, biophilic quality to a typically linear timeline wall. The information – dates and events – were added last using the JLL branded red, visually tying it to other elements in the space.

Each of the themed spaces and feature walls work together to achieve the goal of creating a visually impactful, dimensional experience that brings both Colorado culture and the JLL brand to life for employees and visitors alike.

Project Details
Design Team

Kyle Starret (lead creative), JoJo Starling (project manager)

Project Area

20,000 sqft

Project Budget

$70,000 USD