Jameson Distillery Bow St.

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Jameson Irish Whiskey

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Jameson Distillery Bow St. is the ultimate Jameson brand home experience in the newly restored historical building where John Jameson began distilling whiskey in 1780. It’s a living and active social space that engages guests in sensorial and immersion experiences to ignite a deep, lasting connection to the Jameson brand.

It takes visitors on a story-driven journey that connects them with the passionate people, innovative process, delicious products and fearless spirit of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Jameson Distillery Bow St. engages guests through multiple offerings: four different experience journeys; community, live music, and product demonstration events; a world-class bar offering custom drinks and the renowned Irish CRAIC (Irish for fun); and retail opportunities unique to the birthplace of the world’s favorite Irish whiskey.

Set among the distillery’s historic foundations and walls, a Brand Theater™ approach brings the whiskey-making process to life. This approach amplifies the storytelling through unique environments, historical anecdotes and surprising theatrical elements that support the verbal delivery from the brand ambassador, thus making the experience more memorable.

During the Whiskey Makers and Whiskey Shakers master class experiences, guests are invited to take a cask draw of unblended single-barrel Jameson whiskey in the maturation house; this is the only place in the world they can do that. The Whiskey Makers also offers participants a tutorial in creating their own blends to take home. The Whiskey Tasters experience offers guests an exclusive Irish whiskey flight tasting in John Jameson’s secret office.

The Bow St. Experience culminates in a comparative tasting of Jameson Original, bourbon, and Scotch, trusting the whiskey will speak for itself. JJ’s Bar includes an innovative seasonal cocktail menu based on cocktail history and unique Jameson stories. The story-rich retail shops are designed in homage to the traditional Smithfield Market of days gone by.

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41,900 sq ft

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TOTP Architects, 1751, Pony, Flynn Management & Contractors, Nineyards Design, Rockbrook Engineering, Lightscape, Clockwork Productions