The Jack, Will & Rob Center


The Felt Hat

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The Jack, Will & Rob Center


Project Vision

The Jack, Will & Rob Center was built to commemorate the lives of three young brothers who perished in an airplane crash on Thanksgiving 1999. It is a gift to the depressed mill town of Camas, Washington, where the boys grew up, providing resources and affordable instruction in music, art, and computer sciences as each boy had a particular gift in one of the three areas. The challenge for the designer was to give meaningful expression to each emotionally charged idea, in a manner empathetic to the context of each architectural situation and all on a tight budget. The challenge was actually an opportunity to make light-handed meaningful gestures that underscore the intent of the family, donors, and architects.

Project Details
Graphic elements tastefully communicate the generosity and support of the community for this special project. Inspirational quotes are integrated into the architecture of the building in unconventional and unexpected ways.
Juror 1
Design Team

Paul Mort (Principal in Charge), Nicole Misiti, Don Rood

Design Firm

The Felt Hat


Boora Architects


Lee’s Better Letters, Savoy Glass, Textura Press, Dean Frieman