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Landor Associates

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Project Vision

Investment Technology Group (ITG) is a U.S.-based multinational agency brokerage and financial markets technology firm aimed at a hedge fund and asset management clientele. Landor Associates’ San Francisco office was tasked with extending the ITG brand idea of “decoding signal from noise” to the company’s new headquarters at One Liberty Plaza in New York.

The Landor team created an immersive experience that encompasses brand signage, wayfinding, environmental graphics, and commissioned art. The core of the experience was built around the creative use of ITG’s data. The design team developed and commissioned original art and sculpture to integrate with the architecture of the building. Each piece reveals hidden patterns and the unique beauty of data derived from diverse areas of research, from petroleum reserves to Chinese search rankings. To help support the visitor’s experience and understanding of the headquarters experience, the team developed a responsive microsite that invites visitors to navigate the building to explore each of the installations in greater detail. Visitors can access each piece via a QR code and watch the data come to life through animation and expert interviews.

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Project Details
This project elevates the information graphic to a stand-alone piece of art. The density of the data and the detail with which it is presented is impossible to comprehend as information only or on an intuitive level—there is simply too much of it. It asks us to appreciate the near unintelligible complexity of the patterns that derive from the super-abundance of data that we have at our fingertips.
Juror 1
In addition to being beautiful, the graphics are consistent with the firm’s brand idea of ‘decoding signals from noise’ for the financial industries. Rather than being wallpapered onto a colored accent wall, the graphics are quite simply and elegantly placed on the white walls of the space, and the result reads more like an art gallery than an interior-decorated environment.
Juror 2
Design Team

Cameron Imani (creative director); Chris Frank, Britt Anderson (design directors); Wylie Robinson, Martin Kovacovsky, Carolyn Ashburn, Doug Becker, Kalin Cannady, Ivan Thelin (senior designers); Anthony Light (senior writer), Lynn Ritts (client director), Jill Imani (production manager); Scott Blum, Crispian Gibson (production specialists)

Design Firm

Landor Associates

Project Area

90,000 sq. ft.


Ted Moudis (interior design and architecture), Eric Fischer (data visualization artist), MIT Senseable City Lab (data visualization), VVA (project management), Structure Tone (construction management), Severud Associates (structural engineering)


Principle Group (architectural graphics), Harkess-Ord (signage), Maltbie (data sculpture)