Intel Megalab Lobby

Practice Area




Project Vision

An unexpected trek at warp speed: re-envisioning the client’s journey into the future.

Rethinking an existing space and transforming it into an experience that embodies Intel’s Mega Lab, this connection area has a strong concept and environmental graphic implementation that enhances the user experience. Transparency, voids and dynamic, high-contrast graphics generate a futuristic journey that links the once-isolated Megalab. Revealing itself as the user navigates it, the space constantly offers a flexible journey of discovery into Intel’s most innovative lab.

The project’s main success was to encourage users to interact with the space by creating an innovative, flexible space that reflects Intel culture. The new connection reflects new possibilities for the employees to interact and participate in creating community, and to show their work to users and visitors that go see the site and try to bring more opportunities to interact with other Intel sites around the world.

Project Details
Design Team

Maria Ester Serrano (designer), Sonia Matheson, (studio director), Gonzalo Terán (designer), Laura Hernandez, (brand design leader), Marcos Solis, (design manager), Francesca Poma-Murialdo, (design director)

Project Area

3,230 square feet


JG (construction)


Cubico (vinyl implementation)