INFOTOGO Toronto Wayfinding System


Kramer Design Associates

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Astral Media Outdoor


Project Vision

INFOTOGO addresses Toronto’s need for a self-financing tourist and resident wayfinding information system that can be deployed city wide, with custom district mapping.

The form of this street furniture element breaks away from the traditional city information pillar by lifting the body of the structure off the ground from a cantilevered pole. This innovative approach is further emphasized by implementing a three-sided display system, two convex faces, and one concave face to welcome and invite the user.

The system includes internally-lit, large-scale district maps for each area; a printed pocket-sized map dispensed using custom vending technology; text-based LEDs for weekly public notices and upcoming events; a push-button audio system that broadcasts historic facts about each district location; public seating; and revenue-generating ad panels that capitalize all project costs.

All locations were designed to provide barrier-free accessibility. A custom range of city icon graphics highlights popular requested locations and includes international pictograms and audio technology to inform, entertain, and navigate all users.




Project Details
Unique in that the visitor or resident of Toronto can easily wayfind using either static maps, pocket-sized maps, or text-based LEDs – or discover historical facts through a push-button audio system. The system is easily recognizable through the use of branding as well as the visual icons placed throughout the city. A great use of multi-media and graphics to facilitate wayfinding and provide information.
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Design Team

Jeremy Kramer (Principal in Charge), Janet Young, Brian McCall, Alex Bozovic, Kyle Blieman

Design Firm

Kramer Design Associates


Segamo Audio Systems


Atec Signs