Impact of the Bible

Practice Area


Museum of the Bible


Project Vision

C&G Partners developed the exhibit design, graphics, interactive media and video content and exhibit for “Impact of the Bible,” a permanent inaugural exhibit occupying the second floor of the new Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

The exhibitions touch on the Bible’s impact on literature, art, architecture, fashion, government, innovation, human rights and American history. A real-time immersive experience surrounds visitors with the Bible’s live presence in social media, and a one-of-a-kind special effects ride takes them on an unexpected flight high over the city. Other highlights include a 250-foot-long custom-made woven tapestry of history, a 360-degree time-lapse panorama of Jerusalem today, and an immersive 180-degree theater using silhouette animations to tell the story of American religious revivals.

The Impact exhibits of the Museum of the Bible were aimed at providing an objective and engaging place for visitors to learn about the impact of the Bible in many facets of life, culture and history. The goal was for visitors to walk away having learned something new about what the Bible has influenced in their own lives while leaving nobody feeling isolated.

The extensive project deliverables included exhibit design that included all final graphic design, all final exhibit design (models and illustrations), shop drawings and oversight of fabrication and installation. The studio was also responsible for technical and media design and production that ranged from linear to interactive systems. Content Development also included the project scope with a focus on final exhibit and media scripts, as well as with acquisition of reproducible artwork and use rights.

Project Details
Design Team

Jonathan Alger (principal/creative lead), Maya Kopytman (media design lead), Amy Siegel (environmental signage lead), Alin Tocmacov (project manager, 3D design lead), Leslie Dann (media production manager, UX design lead), Fabio Gherardi (graphic design lead), Alex Kelly (content lead), Daniel Rodriguez (motion design lead)

Project Area

30,000 sq ft