Illuminated Arboreal Data Codes

Practice Area


Texas Tech University

Project Vision

The main focus for this installation was to give a visual language for this site that is joyful, accessible and acts as a visual identity that connects the educational iconography of communication technology. This arboreal theme can be utilized as a visual complement by developing an environment where the viewer can experience the installation as a contemplative space, iconic gateway and destination for the college.

It started as groupings of tree-like forms growing out of the open space in front of the entryway, three major communication tree groupings totaling 13 tree forms, depicting the graphic iconic elements of technology communication circuits. The groupings include sited degrees of angles, allowing for changes of viewpoints from afar and as one venture closer to a completely different view underneath the installation.

Inside the end connections of each tree branch is a smaller circle housing an interior plate of radiant holographic dichroic nodes, which will change colors and light during the day and throughout the seasons. White LED uplighting allows for nighttime viewing, adding another aspect to the gateway feeling of the installation.

This project installation is supported by ancient through modern forms of text language used by cultures to continue their messages and stories: cuneiform, Morse code, Braille, and binary. These images were etched in separate panels, which radiate in and out from the trees. Each of the languages can be translated into a story that emulates the culture of the College.

Students selected the translated quotes, elevating the stakeholdership, ownership and pride within the public art process that allows communities to connect with the installation.

Project Details
Design Team

Koryn Rolstad, Warren Pope

Project Area

6,000 sq ft


Texas Tech University, Emily Wilkinson (public art coordinator/director); ABHL Engineering; Warren Pope Design


Aluminum Bronze Fabricators (aluminum fabrication), American Powder Coating (powder coating), ENNCO Display (laser cutting), Terrene Engineering (etching and cutting of stainless steellanguage plates)