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Projekttriangle Design Studio

Practice Area


Hugo Boss AG


Project Vision

Projekttriangle Design Studio was hired to create the interior graphic design for the new Hugo Boss Orange Monostore in Mannheim, Germany. The new concept store was part of a global campaign for the Hugo Boss Orange label.

Projekttriangle designed a modular graphics concept that has since been implemented in more than 200 stores worldwide.

In Mannheim, a 40-ft.-tall wall installation dubbed the “fantasy tree” is the focal point of the three-story, 1,300-sq.-ft. shop. Consisting of 14 silkscreened panels and 24 monitors, it depicts fantastical animal figures that seem to “fly” up the space, emphasizing its verticality. Related images of flora and fauna are applied to interior walls, fitting rooms, and even furniture using different imaging techniques.

The use of digital media provides ultimate flexibility, allowing different stores to use the illustrations as appropriate in their spaces. For example, in one store, a set of 10 traditional wooden stamps was created from illustrations of 10 German songbirds. The stamps were then applied to objects and walls directly, functioning as labels or decoration. They can be changed easily as store needs dictate.


Project Details
The sensuous, fluid imagery used to activate the stairs and wall elements creates a sophisticated complementary dialogue between the built environment and graphics. Surprisingly intricate illustrations evoke the quality, beauty, and attention to detail that a fashion store environment aspires to create.
Juror 1
Design Team

Danijela Djokic, Martin Grothmaak, Jürgen Späth (principals in charge); Franz-Georg Stämmele (designer)

Design Firm

Projekttriangle Design Studio


Blocher Blocher Architects (store interior architects)


Eicher Werkstätten (silkscreening), Stempel Maurer (stamps)