HBF LA Showroom


Vanderbyl Design



Project Vision

Simple product deserves simple environs. This was no easy task considering the floor plan for the HBF showroom resembles the shape of Italy.

Individual rooms are defined by “Swiss cheese” walls finished to match the furniture and perforated to allow free sight lines to the rest of the space. Oversized frames articulate a long wall and carry photos of inspiring furniture from classics such as Ruhlman and Jean-Michele Frank. A new product collection of sheers is displayed as a grouping of internally lit columns that may be entered by the visitor. The other textiles are neatly tucked away in cubbyholes or draped over doors that hide smaller swatches.

Project Details
When excessive communication seems to be the norm, this project elegantly moves the visitor towards the project through masterfully planned sight lines and artfully positioned elements. Form, color, and texture tell the story without words or signs.
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Design Team

Michael Vanderbyl (Principal in Charge), Peter Fishel, Jeremy Regenbogen

Design Firm

Vanderbyl Design