Guadalupe Wedding Chapel


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Marie & Julliano Morchon


Project Vision

The Guadalupe Wedding Chapel is located within the historic district of Downtown Los Angeles, California. The core market demographic is 90% Latin. This second-generation, family-owned business has come to fruition through the creation of a brand image embracing the elements of romance and emotion found in classic architecture, warm interiors, and decorative finishes. Beyond the threshold of the entry lobby lay five individually styled micro-chapels which cater to hundreds of families and couples each week. There is a formal sense here, yet the tone is story-like and charming. The terrazzo floor and ceiling trompe l’oeil add further to the story of love and promise.

Project Details
The tone is both formal and yet story-like and charming. The terrazzo floor and faux-masonry façade suggest permanence, the heart cast in the floor pattern and the trompe l'oeil ceiling suggest romance and the ethereal. The inclusion of the 1-800 number in the cast-stone inscriptions suggests unbounded confidence in the business venture. I doubt many of us will ever get the opportunity to make our end-users, whether in the process of marriage, divorce, tax-preparation, or tuxedo rental, as blissful as the designers of this project.
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Design Team

Marc Romero (Principal in Charge), Kjersti Thorsen, Rameen Khan, Robert Jacques

Design Firm

Romero Thorsen Design


Caltron Construction, Superior Signs