Game On!

Game On! is an interactive gallery; a dynamic, reactive, multi-sensory exploration of Australian sport. The team designed and developed a visitor-focused interactive and immersive environment featuring 15 sports-based experiences, blurring the line between physical and digital, reminding every visitor why they love the sports they do.


Grumpy Sailor

Practice Area


The Challenge

For Australians, sport is much more about attitude than ability or outcome. Sport is a celebration and demonstration of endurance, courage in adversity, giving our best and never giving up. In this way, Aussie sport tells us that we can all have a go.

Project Vision

Imagine a place as inventive, inclusive and as unexpected as the sports it celebrates! The team wanted to create an environment where visitors of varying ages and abilities could engage with the fundamental physical interactions that took human movement and shaped it into our modern understanding of what a sport is. The real challenge then was to solve the above whilst yielding a visitor-centric encounter that is unique, surprising, playful and meaningful.

Surfing interactive experience

Grumpy Sailor

Horse racing, cycling and surfing interactive experiences

Grumpy Sailor

You make the rules interactive, use the pads on the floor to create your own games

Grumpy Sailor

Design + Execution

The team is incredibly proud to have created a truly inclusive and accessible experience. The team needed art direction that was bold, vibrant and that any user could tailor to represent them. Together with ASM, the team designed a space open to everyone, not just sports fans, neither a museum nor a playground. This will ensure an ongoing social impact for years to come.

Horse racing onboarding screen, tap your wristband to begin experience

Grumpy Sailor

Reaction timer interactive, test your reaction speed with flipdot based screen

Grumpy Sailor

Aussie rules football interactive experience

Grumpy Sailor

Grumpy Sailor
Project Details
This interactive exhibition showcasing Australian sports used delightfully simple tactile controls to support the vibrant, immersive digital experience. The character design was smart by coming off as friendly and non-competitive. Also, the side-by-side layout of multiple sports interactives was a great way of keeping guests engaged while not feeling like they were in the spotlight.
Juror 1
Everything about this exhibit is fun, but what I loved the most was the use of the very expressive illustrated characters throughout. So refreshingly playful!
Juror 2
Design Team

James Boyce (ceo/ecd)
Tom Siddall (creative director)
Emily Mccartney (technical director)
Mauricio Massaia (software lead)
Sam Johnson (hardware engineer)
Kate Bennett (project manager)
James Furey (senior back-end developer)


Broadcast (principal design consultant)
Arketype (exhibition design partner)
Playce (play consultants)
Chris Edser (illustration)
Joseph Reeves (sound design)

Photo Credits

Grumpy Sailor Creative

Open Date

February 2020