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Emery Vincent Design

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Winten Group


Project Vision

The brief was to develop a wayfinding signage system to direct visitors through and around a complex environment comprising a residential high rise tower, four commercial mid-rise buildings, a railway station, bus terminal, and a retail/restaurant environment. This design employs strong color, graphic, and form language to ensure that the signage system is distinctive and legible in the urban environment. The form of the identification signs is based on a cube extracted to oblongs, either vertically or horizontally.

Project Details
This is an excellent use of simple color-coding and variations in typeface weight to provide clear wayfinding signage. Single words – forum, buses, trains – give the impression of following an object or thing, as opposed to being guided by information. Very discreet, it translates well from horizontal signage to vertical markers.
Juror 1
Design Team

Penny Bowring (Principal in Charge), Carlo Giannasca, Stefan Kahn

Design Firm

Emery Vincent Design