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Formica Corporation

Project Vision

Formica Corporation 2003 Surfaces Exhibit

The client, a surfacing materials corporation, gave a clear direction for this show space: feature the naturalistic appearance of their wood grain, stone, and tile visual laminate flooring products. Tall, narrow, sheer fabric banners with images of trees and rock formations stretched from floor to ceiling, a forest creating layers of semi-transparent dividers defining and directing flow through the space. A “flower bed” displayed all non-flooring surface products; disks of 445 samples were affixed to stems and placed in a base filled with gravel. Flat screen monitors rested on tables made of giant genuine tree stumps on casters. A divan and chairs were upholstered in dye-sublimated fabric with images of trees and rock formations. An eight-foot “moon” glowed softly above the scene. To display a multitude of flooring product samples, paddlewheels rotated to be read from either direction. In response to budgetary considerations, all built structures were created out of light, durable, and economical materials.

Project Details
This sophisticated exhibit initiates a playfully ironic discussion of reality and representation. The products are frankly fake, as is the furniture's tongue-in-cheek upholstery, printed with black & white images of natural materials.
Juror 1
The exhibit very successfully created an integrated solution of product vignettes that quietly – subliminally – communicates the transfer from faux to naturalistic appearance.
Juror 2
Design Team

Deborah Beckett, Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt (Art Directors); Monica King (Designer)

Design Firm

Kuhlmann Leavitt


Reveal, Gruppo, Southwest Displays