Forkchop Restaurant


James Tsai, Academy of Art University

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Project Vision

This designer wanted to create a unique restaurant that will bring happiness and satisfaction to customers. The process of fusion is significant not only in the dining environment, but also in the fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine. This awareness will bring the dining experience to a new level of excellence. The fusion of culinary art and design involves the combination of a variety of concepts, including culinary art, graphic design, and environmental design. Design influences life and food provides a setting for social interaction; combining these ideas results in a better dining experience. The name and logo design derive from fusing Eastern and Western principles. The identity combines Western typography with an illustration of chopsticks: a fusion of the words “fork” and “chopsticks.”



Project Details
This delightful new concept for a fusion café with interiors, identity, and print was beautifully presented, whimsical, and sophisticated. Identity, graphics, materials, and architecture were successfully integrated in a modern, accessible way.
Juror 1
Design Firm

James Tsai, Academy of Art University


Megumi Kiyama (instructor)