Practice Area


Seattle Central Creative Academy


Project Vision

Forage is date night crafted. Forage elevates the date night experience by using augmented reality to lead the users on a scavenger hunt for ingredients to a special meal in various neighborhoods of their city, leading to a final recipe reveal. The objective was to use augmented reality as a wayfinding solution and feature, to create a viable app prototype with broad market appeal. Forage is a romantic, interactive hunt for foodies. This application was designed for the user to maintain control over the experience. The user walks through Pike Place Market looking for graphic clues hidden within predetermined shops and at each vendor, they purchase one ingredient for their “date night” meal. Halfway through the experience, they are led to a local restaurant for a local, romantic Pacific Northwest cocktail. This allows the chefs, vendors and venues involved to curate experiences for the user, and allows the app to be viable through this revenue. The augmented reality portion also provided the opportunity to experiment with three-dimensional modeling tools to highlight each clue to the next ingredient needed.

Project Details
Design Team

Catie Holderman (designer and creative director) and Megan Fisher (designer and creative director)


Bethany Vargas (videographer), James Fuentes (audio engineer)