Five Dock Library


Minale Bryce Design Strategy

Practice Area


City of Canada Bay


Project Vision

This system of environmental graphics serves not only as wayfinding devices but also communicates the library’s visual identity. A combination of dynamic and controlled elements was designed and placed to identify, direct, punctuate, and complement the architectural statement. Identification of the library’s various sections, open spaces, and rooms was achieved through the use of large fabricated numerals juxtaposed in various architectural elements. Colors may contrast and maintain a visual hierarchy or form and blend into architectural fabric for a subtler, less invasive user engagement. Elements related to wayfinding are statically sited so they can be readily identified from all sight lines. This allows library staff to employ wayfinding as visual holding points to paths of travel. Alternatively, the directory is placed at the first and most prominent decision point within the space.

Project Details
This program effectively uses large, three-dimensional numerals that provide identification of various spaces in the library and also serve as architectural elements that punctuate and add whimsy to the space. Each numeral is used in a different way, creating a desire to find all the numbers. The approach is a refreshing change from repetitive systems. The typography is well chosen and fits with the functionality of its use. Color and size are selectively bold or understated as appropriate to create a hierarchy of information. Numerals, messages and icons are layered in a variety of materials and add interest and depth to the program.
Juror 1
Design Team

Alex Papas, Nick Bannikoff

Design Firm

Minale Bryce Design Strategy


Brewster Hjorth Architects


A&W Signs