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Practice Area


Field Nation


Project Vision

Studio BV worked to understand the consultant platform and network created by Field Nation, who created an Uber-style app for technical contract workers. This is abstract and hard to understand as an outsider to the business, so the team’s job was to create a workplace to demonstrate that network in an inspirational, bold, useful and simple way.

One large illuminated sign in the elevator lobby is the “Source” for the conduit, feeding the power supply but acting as metaphor for Field Nation as the giver of life to the network. The conduit continues throughout the office creating planes, screens and lights and wraps spaces to give the space its branded expression.

The workspace has a central core that focuses on connection, cultural rituals and ideation of product development. The core contrasts the flexibility and adaptability of the open area. The circuit board is an iconic representation of a technological network; its carefully etched paths serve as inspiration, showing how each individual experience (path) serves a distinct purpose and can lead to the next connection.

The ROI has been tangible; employees, partners and new hires now very clearly understand the work the Field Nation team does because they can talk about their work through the space. The design impact was huge, and the results have been clear: more staff have been hired, more excitement has been garnered for their business, teams are working differently and there’s more pride in the company.

Project Details
Design Team

Betsy Vohs, Courtney Armstrong (co-lead designers), Charla Evenson (project architect)

Project Area

38,000 sq ft

Project Budget



Gardner Builders (contractor), Fraser Morris (electrician)