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Farnsworth Art Museum


Project Vision

Farnsworth Art Museum Identity and Environmental Graphics

The challenge at the Farnsworth Art Museum was to design a new identity and a comprehensive environmental graphics system that balanced the aesthetic of the original art museum with new additions and renovations.

Arrowstreet began with a clean, sophisticated identity, which was applied in various forms throughout the museum campus, and is being implemented as a full-letterhead system for all museum correspondence and publicity. The signs and environmental graphics are constructed of natural architectural materials. Granite, slate and clear glass were cut, sandblasted and fitted together with custom fastenings and hardware. The result is a mix of materials and design that works inside and out to define the museum and the “campus,” and to guide visitors without overpowering the museum’s unique atmosphere.

Project Details
Juror 1
Design Team

Bob Lowe (Principal in Charge); Ed Wonsek, David Cajolet, Kristen White

Design Firm

Arrowstreet Graphic Design


Wood and Wood-Waitsfield, Kimo/Griggs Architects, Sachs Lawlor, Flagraphics