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Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

Project Vision

The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel is located in Los Angeles across the street from the CBS Studios and The Grove Shopping Center. The hotel was in desperate need of renovation both graphic and architectural. However, the budget was extremely limited.

Through the creation of a strong image/logo and the use of low-tech materials like corten steel, recycled barn wood, and paint, the hotel transforms into a bold expressive canvas that commands attention from its urban counterparts.

The image and branding has since been applied to collateral material and merchandise. The hotel’s business is better than ever and rates number one as the best value hotel on Citysearch.


Project Details
The whimsy and humor of this design makes me smile! A totally non-descript building was transformed into a place that you might write about in your travel journal: 'The Farmer's Daughter was my comfortable little resting place while visiting LA. In a city where one person is hipper than the next, this hotel allowed me to just be me in a fun-loving way!'
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Design Team

Marc Romero, Rameen Khan

Design Firm

Romero Thorsen Design


LNI (signage)