Esto Now: Photographers Eye New York



Practice Area


Esto Photographics, Center for Architecture

Project Vision

Mounted at the Center for Architecture, this exhibition focuses on eight projects in New York by six contemporary location photographers in the Esto collaborative. Over 100 images are projected, slideshow-style, onto a screen-sized blank space that has been knocked out of the exhibition’s title. In keeping with the travelogue theme, commentary from the participating photographers and architects appears on the walls. The projects are numbered and keyed to the quotes and a small map of the metropolitan area.


Project Details
This is a very approachable, well-organized installation with a limited budget. Contrasting monochromatic type accentuates the color photographs and slides.
Juror 1
Design Team

Michael Bierut (Principal in Charge), Josh Berta

Design Firm



Digital Plus, Taylor Photographics