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American Museum of Natural History

Project Vision

Epidemic! The World of Infectious Disease

Epidemic! emphasized the delicate balance between microorganisms, humans, other species and their shared environments. Faced with the challenge of exhibiting organisms microscopic in size, the designers developed colorful microbe models, environmental dioramas, a simulated laboratory and multimedia programs, many of which were interactive. Three-dimensional scenes presenting specific outbreaks of microbe-caused diseases brought home the personal aspect of epidemics. Exhibits featuring large-scale models offered visually striking explanations of how microbes function and illustrated efforts to contain, treat and prevent infectious diseases. Graphic panels throughout vividly illustrated some of the intricate processes relating infection, and visitors learned what actions they can take to help overcome infectious diseases.

Project Details
The jury was impressed with the manipulation of scale, accessibility to the content and the opportunity to drill down into the subject matter.
Juror 1
Design Team

David Harvey (Principal in Charge), Paul DePass, Lauri Halderman, Jayne Hertko, Larry Langham, Joey Stein, James Stoop, Robert Vinci, Catherine Weese

Design Firm

AMNH Exhibition Department


Maltbie Associates, Quaker Photo Incorporated