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American Museum of Natural History

Project Vision

The goal of this exhibition is simple yet incredibly ambitious: to give visitors a sense of Einstein’s revolutionary ideas. Einstein described phenomena – travel close to the speed of light, time as the fourth dimension – that cannot be represented accurately as three-dimensional exhibit elements. These concepts, however, can be explained through text, graphics, and media. Typography, color, and line drawings link and harmonize different sections. Graphics for the biographical sections are large but understated in color, to create an expansive yet intimate space for quiet contemplation of his writings and other works. Each of the four science sections is boldly colored to convey the excitement and adventurous spirit behind Einstein’s revolutionary theories. Whimsical but scientifically informative graphics ensure that the weighty scientific concepts do not seem intimidating or dull. Multiple cutting-edge media technologies are used to illustrate Einstein’s theories.

Project Details
This exhibition takes on a challenging subject and organizes a hierarchy of ideas for the visitor to understand Einstein and his work. Clearly organized interpretation using typography, media, color, and materials take complex ideas and break them down to a more manageable structured experience. Extremely innovative interactives involve not just hands-on but very emotional interaction. Exceptionally thoughtful use of color and lighting.
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Design Team

David Harvey (Principal in Charge), Tim Nissen, Tim Martin, Stephanie Reyer, Geralyn Abinader

Design Firm

American Museum of Natural History


Invivia, Takahei Toshiyuki, Riken, Japan Science Foundation


Showman Fabricators