Dynamap: Manhattan


Urban Mapping LLC

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Project Vision

Dynamap reveals three layers of imagery – street grid, neighborhood delineations, and subway map – depending on how the map is viewed. By changing the angle of viewing, three different thematic layers can be seen. It is lightweight, flexible, durable, and contains no electronics. Maps of urban areas are continually referenced and generally contain an overwhelming amount of data, rendering them difficult to use. This map supports wayfinding in areas where complicated spatial relationships exist.

Aesthetics define the product; color, imagery, layout, and the overall form factor were considered in developing the product. User-focused research was undertaken to determine how people seek to navigate within unfamiliar urban environments. These findings were incorporated into a consistent visual language.

Project Details
Creative application of a tried and true production technique responds to the difficult problem of presenting layers of information.
Juror 1
Design Team

Ian White (Principal in Charge)

Design Firm

Urban Mapping LLC


Christopher Cannon, Isotope 221; Dorit Kriesler (cartographer); David Santus (technical consultant)