Ducati Showroom Prototype



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Project Vision

In pursuit of its goal to achieve a stronger worldwide awareness of the Ducati brand, the company decided to create a street-level presence in urban centers around the world. The principal objective of the showroom is to create a retail environment that displays the Ducati motorcycle to its best advantage, reinforces the distinctive Ducati brand and captures the dynamic essence of the motorcycle. The design concept, strongly industrial and minimalist in nature, is based on the perception of the motorcycle as an elegant, highly engineered machine. A number of key branding elements are featured prominently in the design, including engineering drawings of a Ducati motorcycle on the back wall, a photo timeline along a side wall chronicling the history of motorcycle racing and Ducati’s participation in the sport and Ducati’s distinctive circular logo, painted on the concrete floor.

Project Details
A very good retail environment with the Ducati motorcycle as compelling hero. We could imagine being pulled off the street into this showroom. Restrained, well detailed and great sense of branding.
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Design Team

Joseph Brancato (Principal in Charge), Elizabeth Bowdle, John Bricker, Robert Cataldo, Lisa Chu, Robin Fritzshe, Gus Hinojosa, Mark Morton, Lisa Van Zandt, Consultants: Charles Rizzo & Associates, FJ Sciame Co., Inc., Horton-Lees Lighting Design, Inc., Robert Derector & Associates, Farmington Displays

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