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Project Vision

The Dubai Mal is the new “world’s largest mall” in Dubai. The 12 million-sq.-ft. mall is located directly at the base of the Burj Dubai, which will be the world’s tallest tower when it opens in late 2009.

Fashion Avenue is the mall’s high-end fashion district and the atrium where it is located is a major intersection where fashion shows and multimedia events take center stage. The fashion catwalk literally rises out of the floor of the atrium.

Square Peg Design met multiple challenges designing a feature element for the space. From a wayfinding perspective, it was an opportunity to create a major landmark and help visitors with orientation. The feature also needed to be dynamic and work as part of a comprehensive digital media program for the mall.

The “Catwalk” feature consists of five, 7m-diameter rings, each .5m high. The rings are clad with full-color video LEDs and supported by a computerized hoist that allows them to be raised and lower independent from each other.  In the center of the rings are a series of illuminated panels, also individually controlled. The rings can be choreographed with music and live video feeds in any number of configurations, from one solid display to five individual displays at any level of the atrium. The installation is supplemented by a custom sound system and eight 2m-square, curved LED screens located at the perimeter of the atrium.

Along with the mall’s aquarium, the Catwalk feature has become one of the most popular areas of the mall posted on YouTube.

Project Details
This represents an incremental step in the development of digital signage applications, creating a visual landmark, chandelier, and cylindrical, animated billboard in one kinetic adventure.
Juror 1
Design Team

Mike Moore (principal in charge), Scott Cuyler (principal/creative director), Jeff Inouye (senior project designer), Eric Wendt (senior project manager)

Design Firm

Square Peg Design


DP Architects (building architect), The Barnycz Group (digital systems, content coordination/integration), Shen Milsom Wilke (sound system)


Barco (engineering, design/build fabrication, LED modules)