Practice Area


Michael Sheldon and Jim Shea


Project Vision

For a commission, DropShop manages the customer experience around an eBay auction, from photography through shipping. The overall objective is a retail presence that communicates the startup company’s function and identity, while making a strong dramatic statement. All aspects of the design program, including website, architecture, corporate identity, etc., work holistically to establish a strong brand. The identity, graphics, and color palette are simple, clear, and bright. This communicates a friendly, non-intimidating, yet compelling message. The modular signage program and LCD technology inform customers of services, promotions, and best selling items. Architectural elements and color treatments clearly mark areas for research, selling, and the auction process. Also, an illuminated orange box effect is created to establish an iconic element visible from the street. Finally, a custom-designed counter and checkout allow the customer and auction manager to work collaboratively.

Project Details
The brand identity for this unique flagship store created and implemented a memorable logo and color to clearly address a modern, progressive business. It is incredible how much impact was created for such a small budget and in only four months. The jury was impressed by the directness of the design solution.
Juror 1
Design Team

Robert Cataldo (Principal in Charge), Lance Boge, Eric Hsu, Thomas Salazar, Lauren Adams, Dicie Carlson, Jon Bricker

Design Firm



Blansfield Builders; Ram Woodworks; Northeast Carpet; Larry Ehrlich Applied Image Inc.; Colite International, Ltd.