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To market Donut King to investors, its founder and Lorenc Design incorporated the new prototype design of this store into the marketing package. The ceiling, menu board, posters, floor and layout establish brand identity for each new shop, and are accompanied by such motifs as the donut-shaped chairs and small tables adorned with daily fresh flowers. The yellow-striped canopy above the serving area would reference the early morning sun. Everything else builds on this upbeat feeling.

In keeping with the look of the canopy, Lorenc Design developed a menu board that resembles an open eye. The floor pattern is striped to lead customers visually from the entrance to the service area. The chairs mimic the round-holed donut and evoke a bistro decor. A viewing window with etched-look vinyl logo as a screen allows patrons to see into store. And the posters announcing the shop’s offerings have been reproduced for each franchise.

Project Details
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Design Team

Jan Lorenc (Principal in Charge); Chung Youl Yoo, Steve McCall, Janice McCall Photographer: Rion Rizzo/Creative Sources Photography

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