Dodge Detroit Auto Show


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Project Vision

Dodge Detroit Auto Show, NAIAS

Created in three days – and from a remote location – this beamable application and on-site delivery system for Palm OS™ and Pocket PC™ handheld devices was incorporated into an existing Dodge Auto exhibit at the North American Auto Show. The delivery system is flexible, support-free, easy to install and tear down as well as impervious to nightly power downs; when the power comes back on, the system is automatically back in full service. The applications contain client-specified information and an orientation map of the exhibit hall and include color, graphics, and logos. Providing key information in this new and memorable way turns “thin air” into a powerful messaging medium.

Project Details
This program is downloaded into an attendee's palm computer at the Dodge Car Show – an automatic and effortless process. The downloaded program contains a floor plan of the entire show, a Dodge NASCAR schedule, and product details of every Dodge vehicle. This will be a profound influence on trade shows, and hints at possibilities in the future. An electronic brochure saves all kinds of paper, printing, etc.
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Design Team

Trina Clickner (Principal in Charge), Meryl Blazer

Design Firm

Palmtop Publishing


Exhibit Enterprises