Docks en Seine


Nicolas Vrignaud

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Project Vision

Docks en Seine is a new fashion and design-focused development on the Left Bank, part of ongoing urban renewal efforts in Paris’ 13th arrondissement. Architects Jakob + MacFarlane (Paris) designed an arresting green metal pipe structure that envelops an existing 1907 concrete warehouse. The warehouse serves as the project’s circulation, linking various spaces such as a fashion school, cafes, restaurants, and a bookstore.

The signage program was developed by Nicolas Vrignaud (Paris). Vrignaud perceived the building itself as a sign and as a sequence of “moments along the Seine.” His concept for the signage was based on the idea of sequence and of a promenade. He punctuated the horizontal flow of the promenade with a system of “beacons” in the form of aluminum panels wrapped around the warehouse’s existing concrete supports, providing continuity on four levels.

Project Details
Signs take a coarse space and contrast it with architecturally polished elements.
Juror 1
Integration of the modern structural signage elements in the historical context is superb.
Juror 2
Design Team

Nicolas Vrignaud (signage design), Lorenzo Ascani (architect), Fanny Naranjo (graphic design)

Design Firm

Nicolas Vrignaud


JML Communication Visuelle