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Dallas Fort Worth Airport


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Dallas Fort Worth Airport Master Plan

Dallas Fort Worth airport was built in 1974 and has not had any major renovation in 25 years. The airport needs to update its sign system and reorganize the naming system because additional terminals are being built, additional gates being added and a new people mover train system is planned for the near future. These two master plan documents reflect the detailed work needed to implement changes in the airport’s identity and wayfinding system. For the nomenclature study, a series of public and staff workshops were conducted to explore options and build consensus. This led to a new terminology for the airport, work on which began implementation in November 1998. The wayfinding master plan takes into consideration the airport property’s entire site and roadway system, as well as the individual terminals, buildings, gates, visitor and employee services and facilities. Terminology is recommended for all areas to create clear statements that describe locations and functions. In addition, the report recommends a hierarchy of sign types and philosophy of information sequence.

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Carol Naughton (Principal in Charge); Vick Moore, Ted Kiper

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Carol Naughton + Associates