Corning Museum of Glass


Ralph Appelbaum Associates

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Corning, Inc.


Project Vision

Corning Museum of Glass: Glass Innovation Center

This project unifies stories of science and industry with the museum’s ongoing traditions of glass collecting and community involvement. The interpretive programming and design evolved simultaneously with the architectural renovation, integrating a complementary set of visitor experiences. The project included a new introductory theater that presents an overview of humanity’s exploration of glass in all of its forms. Throughout the space, the exhibition design immerses visitors in scientific and technological discovery, including the redesigned Steuben Factory tour and new hot Glass Show areas that provide live contact with glassmaking excellence. The Innovation Center floats out in space, giving the galleries a link to the retail level below. In that way, people immediately feel how technology is manifested into practical applications and products.

Project Details
An effective use of the client's product – glass – as both a graphic symbol and the design vocabulary underpinning the structure of one of America's finest industrial museums. Transparency and fluidity are the controlling motifs: history, technology and art combine in an environment that celebrates and interprets the perceptual properties of the medium.
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Design Team

Ralph Appelbaum (Principal in Charge), Madeline Chinnici, Nadia Coen, Nancy Hoerner, Jessica Holbrook, Sylvia Juran, John Locascio, Jack Pascarosa, Kevin Sayama, Rick Sobel

Design Firm

Ralph Appelbaum Associates


Ove Arup and Partners, R.A. Heintges, Architects/Consultants, De Semone, Donna Lawrence Productions, Claude R. Engle (lighting), International Chiminey  


Design & Production Inc., Warfel Schrager, Sculpture Basis, Penwal Industries, Inc., Wet design, Tripyramid, CB Obersheimer, Dlubak Corporation, John Depp Inc., Electrosonic