Ralph Applebaum Associates, Mona Kim Projects (creative direction of graphics and AV)

Practice Area


Forum Barcelona 2004

Project Vision

A celebration of the act of human communication and linguistic and cultural diversity, Voices was one of the main features of an international exposition. The exhibit aimed to draw attention to the conditions of liberty that are a foundation for the necessary dialogue among cultures. The exhibition needed to present two contradictory views: cultural diversity as a heritage we must preserve and communication as essential in an increasingly interdependent world.

RAA and Mona Kim Projects made exhibition images exist by themselves, causing structure to disappear and create a dramatic environment. An introductory video explored dialogue. A surround wall explored language. Interactive tables explored communication and a central iconic sphere explored diversity. The sphere was created though apparently floating tectonic plates that continue a hemispheric stage. The plates served as projection surfaces that enveloped the spectator in a visceral kaleidoscope of images in movement. Images of spectacular dimensions revealed through gestures, expressions, sounds, and words the richness of human communication and the linguistic traditions of the world.


Project Details
Communications and graphics – what a marriage! Language as a temporary exhibit in a global world is a challenge. The use of multimedia was so well integrated into this design; the different components made display, voice, sound, light and the surround wall into a people place and a language lab, an environment filled with movement. The dynamics of the imagery and space leave users with something to talk about.
Juror 1
Design Team

Ralph Appelbaum (Principal in Charge), James Cathcart, Andres Clerici, Jessica Holbrook, Noboru Inoue, Luka Kito, Vivi Hsin-Yi Hsu, Nancy Hoerner, George Robertson, Pia Samrithikul, Scott Shepard, Don Mackinnon, Kentaro Ishihara, Sylvia Juran

Design Firm

Ralph Applebaum Associates, Mona Kim Projects (creative direction of graphics and AV)


Mona Kim Projects (creative direction, graphics & AV);  Roure/De Leon Architects, Santiago de Leon Molina (executive project & site management); Simon Taylor/Tomato Films; Kyle Chepulis/Technical Artistry (lighting consultant); Joan Fericgla (AV installation coordinator); Albert Faura (lighting designer); Marc Sarda (sound designer)


Lunatus Comunicacion Audiovisual, S.A.