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University of Technology, Sydney


Project Vision

BrandCulture Communications was commissioned by The University of Technology Sydney to design a wayfinding and graphics system that fulfills occupational health and safety requirements for the space while engaging students through the school’s workspaces and fabrication studio.

BrandCulture’s “find and discover” concept fulfilled the functional requirements and created a sense of discovery for the students. The main workshop floor required a clearly delineated walkway for safety; this feature became the key graphic wayfinding interpretation. The system resolved two issues: finding the machines by number from the entry and leading the eye to display units celebrating the students’ work.

The overall visual styling pays tribute to modern iconic graphic styling with an engineering influence, featuring bold use of the flooring area. A key influence was the London Underground “Tube” map originally created by Harry Beck in 1931.

Project Details
An incredibly cohesive environment, with the environmental graphics working hand-in-hand with the architecture and machinery. The floor graphics are appropriate for the user and space, effectively combining wayfinding, interpretive graphics, and safety.
Juror 1
Very simply, the environmental graphics work. Color and type and graphics are done sensitively and are appropriate to the environment.
Juror 2
Design Team

Stephen Minning (creative director), Antonijo Bacic (design director), Terry Curtis (designer)

Design Firm

BrandCulture Communications


Coleman Group