SGI – Geneva Telecom ’99


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Project Vision

SGI dramatically illustrated the media streaming capabilities of its new ORIGIN 2000 server by placing the server at the core of its exhibit and using it to power 138 separate monitors. The design of the structure was a cone that emerges from the top of the server and extends to power a serpentine wall of monitors. Moving light coming from the cone and sweeping across the translucent cylinder emphasized the power of the video stream emanating from the server. SGI’s solutions for the management and interpretation of data were demonstrated in an enclosed “reality theater” that employed three projectors and a curved 120-degree-wide screen to fully immerse the audience in the presentation. As the audience sat in the middle, they enjoyed a “fly-through” of SGI solutions.

Project Details
A very memorable, tangible, manifestation of the client's media streaming capability. This is a big idea, well executed.
Juror 1
Design Team

Jack Stewart (Principal in Charge), Jeff Hannah, John Williams

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