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Project Vision

This event component of Nike’s largest ever marketing initiative evolved over years to represent an environmental, interactive, branded experience charged with bringing to life kids’ passion for football and the brand through authentic athletic participation. Nike launched the Secret Tournament campaign to promote Nike Football with 24 elite football players, eight teams, and one rule – first goal wins! The scorpion became the symbol for these underground tournaments focusing on speed and creativity, with an emphasis on making every touch count. NikePark was installed in twelve cities simultaneously, in site locations that were gritty, industrial, and unconventional. During the one-month period that NikeParks were open, over one million kids passed through all around the world, participating in 3-on-3 tournaments and testing their individual skills of accuracy, power, agility, and speed in a series of challenging interactives.

Project Details
Nike clearly understood their audience with the design of this exhibition. From the logo to every part of the exhibition environment, the character of the exhibition comes through, hitting its target audience and pulling them into every detail until they become the exhibition. The environment is the hardware and the visitor is the software.
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Design Team

David Odusanya (Creative Director), Howard Lichter, Mike Tiedy, Michael Delaney, Michael Mankowski, Julie Freeman, Dennie Wendt

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Nike Brand Design


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