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Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Look of the Games, Infinite Scale

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Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Look of the Games

The Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games Look program celebrates the contrast of the land of Utah and the power of the Olympics and the Olympians. The Look of Salt Lake 2002 has endeavored to bind myriad elements in an unprecedented level of creative integration. The bold and memorable graphics of the Light the Fire Within theme is encapsulated and expressed in 250,000 square feet of stylized athlete images towering across the downtown skyline and dramatically spanning the bleachers of all the outdoor venues. Challenges of designing for the world’s largest sporting event include creating a comprehensive communication system across all venues, host cities, sponsor programs, and even the look for the Olympic Torch Relay. The variety of design projects ranges from designing the athlete bibs and Salt Lake Organizing Committee team uniforms to designing mascots and pictograms unique to Salt Lake City and the state of Utah. Financially unable to cover every area of the venues, the creative team worked closely with the international broadcasting company to strategically place and design elements to maximize the Olympic brand for the four billion fans at home.

Project Details
The perfect backdrop to the whole experience whether virtual or there. The tremendous notion of scale and action was pulled off beautifully by the softened imagery and the cool color palette reinforcing everything about this being a winter event.
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Design Team

Bob Finley (Director of Look), Amy Lukas, Cameron Smith, Christina Stenforths-Stark, Jana Linnell, Lisa Kirschner, Matt Snow, Michael Vanderlinden, Pam Jessup

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Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Look of the Games, Infinite Scale

Project Area

250,000 sq. ft.


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