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Project Vision

This design distilled the Reynolds image into a space as simple as possible. There was nothing in the exhibit except product and brand. The back wall showed a bicycle rider riding not on a bike, but on an array of Reynolds components flying in formation, key to drawing the distinction between a component manufacturer and a bike manufacturer.

Wheel sets were the only products displayed, carbon fiber on the yellow stand and aluminum wheels on the red stand. The wheels rotated, bringing the frantic activity of the peloton to a product that is all about motion. Inside the displays were motors, moving the wheels at various speeds, while still allowing the wheels to be easily picked up for customer inspection. The result was a display that spoke to the soul of a bicyclist and brought a certain amount of poetic motion to a macho product.

Project Details
This project captured the jury's attention with its bold color and simple forms. Most importantly, the forms of the two display volumes, and their shape and placement on the display convey the sense of motion and speed inherent in the products being displayed. The unique expression of the product being a set of components, rather than a complete bicycle is reinforced by the photograph of the rider and the sense of the wheels being separate items displayed almost as individual objects in a salesman's case. The motion of the turning wheels only reinforces the sense of speed inherent in the forms and colors. This is a design where the graphics truly capture the spirit of the product.
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Mitchell Mauk (Principal in Charge)

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Reynolds Composites, Ferrari Color