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Restaurant Design: Quest

The logo for Quest is a combination of the letter Q and the number 3; the Q stands for Quest and the 3 represents the past, present, and future time periods. Quest is a fusion of these three times. The color scheme and furniture have a futuristic feel inspired by spacecraft and certain scenes from the movie “2001.” The bright yellow is an accent color also used in spacecraft interiors as an identifiable color on industrial equipment. The design of the chairs follows the circular curves in the architecture of the restaurant. Each of the three circular portions of the tables resembles individual control pods. In the smaller dining room the three large circular windows give the feeling of being in an observatory room on a spacecraft.

Project Details
The elegant way that this project incorporates the past while also embracing the future is a reason this project was selected. The materialization of the restaurant is appealing as are the simplistic color schemes carried from room to room.
Juror 1
There is a great resonance between the central logotype and the central bar structure in this speculative project.
Juror 2
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Alexey Ikonomou