Pasadena Unified School District


Hunt Design

Practice Area


Pasadena School District


Project Vision

The aim of this project was to remind the public in the Pasadena School District about the many improvement projects underway in local schools. Many of these improvements were indoors and not visible to passersby. Designed to be attention-getting, these signs were installed for 90 days to identify 40 school construction sites. The signs feature a “transparent” design to see through to the school, and were fabricated using low-tech materials on an extremely modest budget of $400 each.

Project Details
Modest means with a huge graphic punch: one of California's notorious proposition letters written large against the backdrop of the school it funded. Two exuberant yellow arms reach up from the Y shape in a gesture of triumph and celebration, crowning a sign that is simple, elegant, effective, and fun.
Juror 1
Design Team

Wayne Hunt (Principal in Charge), Jennifer Bressler, Felicia Lee

Design Firm

Hunt Design

Project Area

40 sites

Project Budget



Curcio Enterprises