Pacific Design Center


Pacific Design Center

Project Vision

Exterior sculptures and a comprehensive interior and exterior wayfinding system were designed to enhance the famous Pacific Design Center complex, Los Angeles’ premier designer showcase center. Twenty-five-foot tall, stainless steel sculptures – a lamp and a chair – symbolize the nature of the home furnishings design industry and dramatically reinforce the design center’s landmark status. In addition, a clean, modern building identity and wayfinding system was created to streamline pedestrian and vehicular circulation around and within the building. Steel, glass, paint, and vinyl materials were used.

Project Details
Affectionately dubbed The Blue Whale, the Pacific Design Center is a great example of a building that serves as its own sign. The designers here have cleverly tackled this dilemma with their upgrade of the building's identity. Using over-scaled and artistically abstracted furniture, they convey the building's contemporary design vocabulary as well as the products showcased within. The design of the lamp and chair are at once iconic and witty. They represent the best of wordless graphic identity at a scale commensurate with the context.
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Design Team

Robin Perkins (Principal in Charge), Nick Groh, Erin Carney


Carlon & Co., TFN