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Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture Donor Recognition

This piece was commissioned for a new museum addition and is located in the entry pavilion. It has three programmatic components: as a sculptural piece located at the head of the grand stairs to the lower level exhibit space; as a screen for the café area beyond; and as a donor recognition piece for the museum’s capital campaign. Titled Fire Lodge, the piece evokes the images of the region’s Native American cedar bark lodge and fire pit, symbolic of a gathering place.

Project Details
This visually dynamic structure takes donor names off the wall and foregrounds them in a lovely spatial statement. It makes an appropriate reference and pays respectful homage to a regional Native American form. Donor recognition signing can be a challenging balance of design and institutional policy. This successful example tastefully yet boldly acknowledges the institution's benefactors. It invites participation and engagement by being sculptural and, even though the individual donor names are discreet, they all are delicately woven into this celebration of their generosity. The choice of materials, reference to Native American culture, scale, and structural elements are expertly handled.
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Michael Reed (Principal in Charge), Debbie Fox Shaw

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